Garapa Decking

Garapa is probably the most popular hardwood decking originating from South American. In its natural form, it is light orange/brown in colour and serves as a very durable and excellent exterior decking. Garapa weighs approximately 900 kilograms per cube and is very stable, showing little to no movement after installation.

We stock carefully selected, legally sourced,19x90mm and 19x140mm 1st Grade Garapa decking which is machined smooth on both sides with 4 rounded edges from kiln-dried timber.

Following correct installation and periodic maintenance, this decking should provide a very long-lasting and beautiful deck.

  • Available sizes: 19x90mm and 19x140mm
  • Available lengths: 0.91m / 1.22m / 1.52m / 1.83m / 2.13m / 2.44m / 2.74m / 3.05m / 3.35m / 3.66m / 3.96m / 4.27m / 4.57m / 4.88m / 5.18m / 5.49m / 5.79m / 6.09m
  • See link for product profile: Garapa decking 19x90mm
  • See link for product profile: Grapa decking 19x140mm


  See Product Information / Technical Specs below for Installation, Fastening and Finishing